ITEC Sound Systems from Austria

ITEC Tontechnik und Industrieelektronik GesmbH was founded as a trading company in 1984. From the very start, however, we felt challenged to provide our customers with solutions that were not available on the market yet. This led to our first own product development in 1985, which set the path for our own production operations. Within just a few years we were able to offer a large range of mobile, mains-independent speaker systems from our own development and production.



ITEC Presence Lectern

The PRESENCE lectern by ITEC is transportable and can be set up ready for use in no time at any place. Its new design and the outstanding sound quality of the integrated speaker system underline any presenter's expressiveness and dynamics. Its intelligent functionality and precision ensure a successful and professional appearance, thus contributing to the event's success. Whether used as a lectern, as an active speaker column or as a high-end music facility, the flexibility of this system is bound to excite you and your audience.

Irradiation performance: 500 Listeners
Dimensions: 125 x 80 x 55 cm 
Weight: ca. 30 kg


ITEC Active Box

Simply place, turn on and operate. No matter if at lectures, moderations or events - this box has enough power for an audience of 500 people and more. You are fully autonomous thanks to the built- in high-capacity rechargeable battery, the wireless and acoustic-feedback-proof microphones and the integrated CD/MP3/USB player - no cables and you are still on air 8 hours non-stop.

  • Built-in amplifier, wireless microphone receiver, rechargeable battery and optional CD/MP3/USB-player!

  • The sturdy wooden case and the optimal calibration of the speakers make sure you experience authentic and crystal clear sound.

  • 8h operating time on battery, enough power for an audience of approx. 500 people,
    at a weight of only 12 kg!

ITEC Twin Box

The sound pressure level is simply impressing. Multiple hundred people will hear and understand your words. At processions, guided tours, excursions, city tours – this little power box is always at your side and adapts to changing circumstances with the twist of your hand – literally!

Portable, active speaker system with built-in amplifier, rechargeable battery, 
3-channel mixer, power supply unit with automatic charging module and a 
high-performance speaker system.