The patented Snowsound Fiber technology is based on soft interwoven polyester acoustic fibers that are inherently fire-resistant. The interaction between the special acoustic fibers and the design of the objects and the support systems helps reduce annoying acoustic reverberation in rooms, while improving quality both of life and of work.

Clasp design by ( a+b ) Annalisa Dominoni, Benedetto Quarquaro

In Clasp wall and ceiling, the acoustics fabric Snowsound Fiber runs around simple steel buckles. The textile panel can be easily removed from the structure thanks to a hidden system in the upper edge, while the lower edge houses a chrome -plated steel rod fixed with two visible chrome-plated pins. Clasp can be hung from ceiling or fixed to the wall. The fabric is supported by a chrome-platted metal frame, available in the wall version and on cables fastened to the ceiling with a height adjustment mechanism. The fabric slipcover is removable.

In Clasp divider, the acoustic fabric Snowsound Fiber is placed on a modular structure made of chromed metal suspended on cables with a height adjustment system. Thanks to the metal joints the structure is freely configurable and allows infinite compositions. The fabric slipcover is removable.

Pinna design by ( a +b ) Annalisa Dominoni, Benedetto Quarquaro

Three dimensional sound-absorbing structure, unfolding like a fan with a curvature that follows the pleats of the pleated fabrics and which resembles the fin of a large fish. Pinna creates a dialogue between different productive knowledge, the sound-absorbing technology of the Snowsound Fiber fabrics blend with textile processing from the fashion industry. The fabric slipcover is removable.

Sepa’ design by Sezgin Aksu

Sound absorbing dividers made with Snowsound Fiber fabrics and chromed tubular steel structures mounted on flat painted bases.

Sepa’ Rolls: The tubular base is equipped with wheels located at the ends that allow easy movement. In both cases the slipcover is removable.


Si Sboccia design by Moreno Ferrari

Si Sboccia is a sound-absorbing object created with Snowsound Fiber, available for wall-mounting or ceiling suspension. Designer Moreno Ferrari’s ability to see beyond mere objects has resulted in this large rose. From his fortuitous find of a rosebud, he came up with the idea of a product that is both useful and exciting, capable of decorating and characterizing environments while making them acoustically comfortable at the same time.

Full Specifications Si Sboccia