Blumenhofer Acoustics je proizvajalec z več kot tridestletnimi izkušnjami v izdelovanju audiofilskih Horn zvočnikov. Hitrost, natančnost, naravnost in bogati zvok pripomorejo k izrazitemu karakterju zvočnikov Blumenhofer in tipičnemu zvoku v živo. Idealni za Hi-fi stereo in domači kino.

SERIE FUN Bass Horn, the new frontier

The Fun series loudspeakers convince for their transparency and completeness in compact and elegant cabinets. The big Fun models are characterized by a compressions chamber bass horn and mid high horn compression driverThe Fun models own a quarter wavelength bass horn combined with a silk dome tweeter.


SERIE TEMPESTA The home cinema horns

The Tempesta series combines high pressure dynamic home cinema sound with complete HiFi Stereo pleasure. The Tempesta loudspeakers bear a ground ported bass reflex construction and a compression driver horn for the mid high range.


SERIE GENUIN Classic Bassreflex-Horn combination

Several times did our Genuin Series a prize for its audiophiles qualities: its authenticity and its naturalness. Another added value is the recognized Tube friendliness of these loudspeakers. The Loudspeakers of the Genuin series offer bass reflex construction and a true compression                                 driver horn for the mid high frequencies.


SERIE GIOIA Pushing the horns to the limit

The motivation of this series is to push the horn concept to further. The goal is to reach unprecedented and unsurpassed feeling of live music. Absolute dynamic and speed in all the matters of music. Unreasonable phantasies of audiophiles? You may think this, but listening to that will definitely change Your mind.


BOOKSHELF Blumenhofer Bookshelf, the only one for Tubes as well

Easy to hide... but so beautiful that it is a pity not to see them. The Bookshelves are based on a bass reflex construction ported to the back of the loudspeaker, in order to exploit as much as possible the wall effect.


STUDIES Our Formula 1

These are just our developments. They are not meant for sale or as series products, but just as our spleen to know more about sound reproduction. It is our Formula 1. From there the technologies flow back to our products.


CENTERS Perfect voice reproduction, perfect understanding

We put our love for music and our experience in the reproduction of music in our home cinema components as well.
The center speaker has the responsibility to deliver most of the voices of the actors to you. Therefore we think that it is the most important speaker (besides the main speakers) for you to enjoy the film: it must match the main stereo speaker in order to fulfill the home cinema event itself, therefore you will find for each stereo speaker its matching center speaker. 

All center loudspeakers are also (on demand) available as in Wall loudspeakers


SUBWOOFERS The real ones if it must go deep

We put our love for music and our experience in the reproduction of music in our home cinema components as well.
The Subwoofer is an essential tool in a modern home cinema. When a film is mastered, the producer intentionally divide some part of the effect in the subwoofer. Remixing those effects trough the main channel is something that will never present the film in the way it is intended to be. 
We have some standard subwoofer products, but for particular needs we can tailor some on the wishes of the customer.
Our subwoofer are direct heirs of the long years research to get the absolute bass.
Precise, strong, stable bass. Nothing else than what is needed. Bomb sharp!


ON WALL Multipurpose, front center surround, just name it

We put our love for music and our experience in the reproduction of music in our home cinema components as well. The surround speakers should describe the sonic ambient to put you in the action instead of being just in front of it. Their task is therefore radically different than the task of the main and center speakers. Therefore there is more freedom of choice for the ideal system, most important thing their dynamic should match the dynamic of the other components. All Surround on Wall loudspeakers are also available as in Wall configuration