Acoustic comfort

Snowsound technologies attain acoustic correction easily and quickly, in new areas as well as in existing spaces. The need to live and work in quiet spaces, reducing the annoying acoustic reverberation, is finally met with these innovative products ideal for resolving a variety of needs.

The brilliant intuition at the heart of Snowsound patented technology is based on the use of panels composed of material with variable density, which achieve selective absorption at different frequencies and thus optimise the acoustical environment notwithstanding the thinness of the panels. The absence of frames and seams and the unusual characteristics of the material used in the fabrication of the panels, render them extremely light, unobtrusive and adaptable to any environment.

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Snowsound technology significantly enhances an environment’s acoustics by selectively absorbing the optimal amount of sound at different frequencies and reducing unwanted reverberation. The award-winning panels combine advanced engineering, complex manufacturing, high quality materials and innovative shapes adaptable for multiple types of spaces. We invite you to experience the unique features and see why architects and interior designers choose Snowsound®.


Snowsound panels achieve Class A sound absorption classification based on weighted sound absorption coefficient "Alpha w" per International ISO standard 11654. Snowsound panels tested according to ISO 354 standards have achieved NRC of 1.0. DEMO Video


Patented technology functions to achieve optimal sound absorption across low, medium and high frequencies, while the seamless designs render the panels sleek and unobtrusive. The absence of external frames, coupled with the unique characteristics of materials used in manufacturing yields a double sided and extremely thin, light and versatile panel adaptable to any environment. The frameless, double sided design also gives Snowsound panels a completely sound absorbing surface; no other material is present to hinder the sound-absorbency or reflect part of the sound.


Streamlined shapes can be configured in many ways, as free-standing or wall and ceiling-mounted to create beautiful customized spaces.


Surfaces are coated with Trevira CS® polyester fabric, making the surface appear visually soft while the panel itself is highly durable and resistant to tearing and perforation. The absence of an airspace or cavity between the outer fabric and sound-absorbing core significantly decreases the accumulation of dust and the panels are easy to clean with mild cleanser.


Each panel is entirely recyclable at the end of its useful life. The panels have been made entirely of "single material" polyester and is 100% recyclable without the need of having to separate the outer fabric from the sound-absorbing inner material. Panels do not contain felt or other organic materials which are difficult to recycle. The panels are also GREENGUARD Gold Certified to meet sustainability and environmental health standards for green buildings.


The entire outer, single panel fabric material and sound-absorbing inner core is Class A flame and smoke development (UL 723, ASTM E84).


Snowsound® panels, when hanging from the ceiling, all bear the CE mark, according to the harmonised technical specification EN 13964 for use as a suspended ceiling, pursuant to Regulation (EU) no. 305/2011. CE marking ensures that the products meet quality and safety standards required by product regulations.

Botanica design Mario Trimarchi

Botanica rest and climbes like a plant that protects and isolates the environment. The wind blows but you can’t hear it, the light is there but you can’t see it. The result is a muffled and relaxed atmosphere , the silence on several levels that you hear in the woods, where the sounds are dispersed in the infinite collection of nature.

The system of sound absorbing elements Botanica is composed of a leaf shaped panel held by a chromed metal support that can be fixed with different inclinations and proposed in combination with different bearing structures.

Modular frame that combines lengthwise foe wall installation or ceiling mounting, fabricated in chrome -plated tubular steel, characterized by a 3D curvature of the tube. In the ceiling mounted version, the frame comes complete with adjustable cables for anchoring.

In the freestanding version, the panels are supported by a chrome-plated tubular frame with a powder coated steel base.

The panel, in the single version, can be anchored to the wall with the chrome-plated steel bracket.

Full spec PDF

Flat design Alberto and Francesco Meda

Sound-absorbing panels characterized by the perfectly planar front surface. The wall brackets are fitted with a rear metal hinge that can rotate and titl the element. Despite the irregular contour, the panels can create innumerable combinations, including rectangles and squares. Flat Totem divider is made up to 12 flat panels set against each other and supported by a chromed tubular steel structure mounted on a painted metal base. The panels, characterized by the plane front surface, can be tilted and rotated.

Flap design by Alberto and Francesco Meda

More that just a sound absorbing panel, Flap is a design piece with considerable aesthetic and formal impact, which can create a wide array of compositions with designs that are always new. This patented modular system is completely innovative in the applied Snowsound technology and in notion of the panel as a furnishing accessory that fits perfectly in any room that requires an acoustic adjustment.

Flap panels feature a rear chrome plated steel plate connected by an articulated spherical hinge to a chrome-plated steel arm that can be mounted directly to the wall or to a ceiling. The wall mounted Flap panels can be decorated with backlit LED system. The suspended Flap Ceiling frame system can be accessorized with 180 degrees directional LED lighting to achieve the desired illumination.

Flap chain is a system made up of vertical and horizontal poles in chrome-platted metal, which fit together via a joint that allows 360 degrees rotation. Each vertical pole features a length adjustable cable in order to be suspended from the ceiling and a Flap or Maxi Flap panel equipped with a hinge that allows panel’s rotation and inclination. Vertical and horizontal poles connect with each other creating different suspended structures.


V-Flap makes it possible to achieve sound-absorbing solutions with enormous visual impact. The chrome-plated steel frame, held in suspension by metal cables, and the two leaning sound absorbing panels create the image of two wings that fly through space.

Giotto / Giotto Lux design Sezgin Aksu

Giotto is a line of Snowsound sound absorbing panels in oval or circular shapes, available in two different versions: Giotto ceiling, the ceiling-mounted version with adjustable cables, and Giotto wall, which comes with a designated steel wall mount with central hole to support the panel as it snaps in. Giotto Lux is a line of Snowsound sound absorbing panels in oval or circular shapes, at the center of which is a light fixture in enamelled metal with a LED light source, protected by a shade in frosted white polyethylene that achieves uniform light distribution.


The Oversize system is characterised by the large dimensions of the sound absorbing panels made with Snowsound technology that can be located on the wall, ceiling or on a desk.

Oversize Lux design Marc Sadler

Oversize Lux is a project that brings together the concept of technical lighting with Snowsound sound-absorbing technology. The result of this combination are large architectural elements that incorporate LED lights in sound-absorbing panels. The ceiling suspension cables are adjustable.

TL design Gio Ponti

Three-dimensional sound absorbing ceiling elements, made with Snowsound technology, with or without integrated Led light. Each element is equipped with 3 steel ceiling suspension cables connected to a single central plate. The extremely light line of TL conceals the Snowsound technology that allows you to absorb reverberation. TL is the result of a project by Gio Ponti, who in 1959 built the auditorium of the Time Life Building in New York. For the ceiling, he designed conical elements that today are proposed by Caimi Brevetti

Mitesco design Michele De Lucchi

Wall/Ceiling applications

The Mitesco line of sound-absorbing panels has two supports that allow it to be anchored to walls/ceiling or to steel supports which keep the panel detached from the wall/ceiling so as to optimise the acoustic performance. Mitesco sound-absorbing panels can be held in place by nails or screws anchored to walls with an anchor.

Wall/Glass magnetic applications

The magnetic attachment fittings make it possible, also thanks to the lightness of the panel and to the absence of rigid or sharp-edged aluminium or PVC frames, (normally used in similar acoustic devices), to easily apply or remove panels. A solution of this type facilitates cleaning operations, both as to the panels themselves and to that of the underlying surfaces. Furthermore, with extreme simplicity, it is possible to modify the acoustics of rooms, adapting them to the user’s various needs, also allowing for varying uses for the same rooms (for example, to simply and quickly free the walls of a conference room to set up an exhibition that requires hanging paintings on the walls, positioning them in place of the panels, etc.).

Desk applications

Mitesco panels are an excellent solution for subdividing worktops into sections, creating a visual barrier and optimising the acoustic comfort of the individual positions.


The dividers can be realised with panels placed on one side only or on two opposing sides, thus obtaining sound absorbing solutions aesthetically identical on both sides. Choosing from a range of available colours, the Mitesco panels can be freely combined with each other to obtain interesting and customised colour mixes.

Baffle / Baffle Supersized


Baffle is a patented system designed to hang Snowsound sound-absorbing panels from the ceiling, showcasing its lightness and elegance. The adjustable height of the cables and the array of sizes and colours available make it possible to achieve compositions that can be personalized for aesthetics and sound. The patented joining system of the panel to the cables is completely invisible: a small cylindrical joint hides the anchoring system inside. Baffle anchors can be positioned along the upper edge of the panel, without particular limitations of space between the cables, in order to simplify ceiling installation.

Full spec PDF

Tra / Tra Light


Tra is a patented system consisting of Snowsound sound-absorbing panels suspended to a pair of stainless steel cables which are connected between two walls while maintaining a natural curve. The supporting cables can be positioned at a number of angles. Snowsound panels can be hung by cables in multiple positions, thereby creating compositions that can be personalised for aesthetics and sound.

Tra light

The Tra light system allows the panels made with Snowsound technology to be suspended from a pair of steel cables by means of oscillating metal joints placed at the upper corners. The panels can be freely fixed along the cables while the oscillating joints always maintain perfect verticality.


Snowsound In panels, measuring 59x59 cm or 59x119 cm, can be inserted in suspended ceilings with profiles and supports that can hold their weight. The panels come with the CE mark according to the harmonised technical specification EN 13964 for use as a suspended ceiling.


Blade is a modular shelving system whose back panel is consisting of sound-absorbing panels made with Snowsound technology. The slim shelves create a visually light and minimalist overall image. The shelves are entirely made in epoxy powder-coated steel: a wall-mounted load-bearing core and a very thin external lining (support surface).

Snowsound Art

Snowsound Art is a Caimi Brevetti project that aims to be a journey of discovery, looking for new ways to bring ART and DESIGN together. A way of interpreting art not just as a unique creation that can’t be repeated, but as a form of beauty that can be reproduced on serial objects. Art isn’t just to be contemplated. It is to be enjoyed as well. The journey begins with a line of Snowsound Art sound-absorbing panels that become “canvases”, reproducing a series of designs by Gillo Dorfles.

The series of Snowsound Art sound-absorbing panels created using Gillo Dorfles’ designs serves as an example of how a dialogue between art and industry is necessary and should be the basis for any mass-produced product. In our case, Dorfles participated in all phases of the project, from concept to creation. Born in Trieste in 1910, Dorfles is a painter, art critic, philosopher, and historian. In 1948, he founded the “Movimento Arte Concreta” (MAC) with Monnet, Soldati and Munari. Dorfles was the theoretical cornerstone of the movement. A professor of aesthetics in Milano, Cagliari and Trieste, he has also served as a visiting professor in dozens of universities throughout the world. Dorfles has authored countless books on aesthetics, which have been translated throughout the world. These books include “Le oscillazioni del Gusto” (Fluctuating Tastes), “L’intervallo perduto” (The Lost Interval), and “Kitsch”. He has worked with the Corriere della Sera newspaper since the 1970s. He is considered one of the foremost art scholars in the world.


A group of Snowsound Art sound-absorbing panels that feature a series of designs by Gio Ponti.

Giovanni Ponti, affectionately known as Gio (Milan, 1891-1979), one of the masters of Italian design and architecture, essayist, and founder of magazines, including “Domus”, was a unique, eclectic personality in the international landscape of the 20th century. In 1954, he established the “Compasso d’Oro” prize and published one of his seminal writings, “Amate l’architettura”, a veritable manifesto for culture, style and taste, Italian and otherwise. He has designed hundreds of objects and his architecture is found across the globe: Ponti’s masterpiece, the Pirelli skyscraper (1956) in Milan; the great Denver Art Museum in Colorado; and the headquarters of the Italian Institute of Culture, in Stockholm. Ponti was an authentic ambassador for the quintessentially Italian way of living.


Sezgin Aksu Art

Sezgin Aksu is a designer and artist, and in this dual role, he was involved in the Snowsound Art initiative for which he created three works to replicate on the panels, which Aksu turned into true works of art.

2019, wall, ø 119 cm